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Yes. We create logos. Yes. This is the same site. Yes. It works.

  • Logos
  • Illustrations and drawings
  • Corporate identity (firm style)
  • Presentation Design
  • Characters
  • Infographics
  • Outdoor advertising design
  • Banners
  • Packaging design
  • Printing design
  • Business cards
  • Booklets
  • Leaflets
  • Website Design
  • Contextual advertising

    Order Design

    We will do, not show visibility

    Those, who have small and medium businesses, always have two choices: its amateurish or web-studios, who require too much. The first rich diverse skills, which they don’t confirm. The second one ─ get bored you when you fill brief. To order logo design or corporate identity for the company is the big problem of our time. You are creating era or compete in the lowest environment.

    We are offer you an ideal combination: it’s real skills and fast work.

    Design solution from our graphic design studio Logomania create no more then three days. For the complicated and major projects term increases and it affects for the cost of work.

    We guarantee you that to create unique logo is simpler then spend money because of its lack of.

    You have found professionals which cost money

    To order unique logo, corporate identity, emblem or business card design it’s simple. You need to fill out an application in the form and send it for us. Our manager will contact you not within one day but immediately.

    Logomania is the team of specialists on the market. Each of us is significant financial unit separately. We can to boast of new result: creation one company, which develop design solution for the most interesting project.

    How much creation of logo cost? It’s the one of the most common question from our clients. There are three variants of the cost: from budget option to expensive. Each of one differ for workload, number of people which work on a project.

    Sometimes the only large market entry promotes one action. Someone customization cross-cutting analytics, anyone change texts on the site, another want to order branding on a turn-key.

    The quality of work can not be medium or normal. The question of the cost is the quantity of professionals who work hard for logo for you or design and number of variants.

    Your own design is created with us. Each graphic detail it’s your wish, not our whim. To order individual design you can right now.

    Developing firm style it’s design solutions that will make your business (site) recognizable among billions. Work of marketer is important, which will create analytical perspective for the designers and they make an order for illustrator to do so the customers worked with us.

    To order design of business card you can in many companies. We work on the simple scheme. You are ordering design, we will discuss it, do, approve and receive the second 50% of the payment.

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    Sofia is a designer

    This is advertising designer. Sensitive vision in professionalism combine with discipline and willpower.

    Victoria is an illustrator

    It’s our control of quality. We unable understand a words she’s saying and can speak that this person works first-rate.

    Irina is an art designer

    It’s designer who starts herself, came from nothing. She wasting a lot of time that doing his work completely and is proud of it result.

    Phases of the work

    Step one

    In this step you speak about your ideas and wishes about the project and we suggest all possible options for solve your problem.

    You need personal design, which will let your client to get to know your business right away? Marketer and designer are already thinking about it.

    You need business card and design in the future? Art designer will start work in 2 hours.

    You know that you don’t understand the essence and perspective for the design? We glad to to report you that understanding will cheap.


    The second phase is prepayment

    It’s guarantee for work. Graphic design studio Logomania employees 7 people on an ongoing basis. The director must to pay them salaries regardless of project availability.


    The third stage is when your ideas are heard. Statement of work is being prepared

    Statement of work is completed depending on the task. Coffee on the marketer’s and designer’s desk is getting cold.

    The manager controls everyone.

    On the final stage, when statement of work is completed, you are notified that in a few days the work will be finished.


    Step four. The soup is boiling, result is preparing

    Every participant of the project is working and writing, painting, follows the statement of work, generating ideas. At first each of ideas discussed with manager, later with marketer.


    The fifth step is timeliness, payment, source files

    You choosed one variant of design. We modified it according to your wishes. We will send source files for you after payment of second part. Thereupon our cooperation on the project ended. We will still turn to us.

    Phases of the work

    • 1

      Familiarization with the project

    • 2


    • 3

      Statement of work is created

    • 4

      Project implementation

    • 5

      Payment and sending the source files

    To order means trasting

    We build each task for work requirements in accordance with the real need.

    No one will come up with a logo for you just because “you can still make money on it.” You set clear tasks, we carry them out. Or vice versa, we say that you will definitely need it, and you agree with our argument or not.

    There is no need for us to sell you all the services of our graphic design agency. Each client has its own time. Logomania cares about you, offers the best solutions for business.

    The success of advertising is 20% from each of its industry. Order the correct text – 20%. To issue technical specifications – 20%. To come up with and make the perfect design for the text – 20%. To prove to the client that this ad will work is another 20%. The appearance of advertising in the right place at the right time is the final 20%.

    The result is more important than money: why do we do for the sake of, and not “on”?

    The prospect of cooperation is always pleasing, our customers move to a new level and attract us there. Great case with a coffee shop. We have taken the franchise to a new level, and are proud that with our help (design has become a key factor), the company was able to earn a couple more tens of millions.
    We are doing the result, but not “the client will return, I gave him the wrong source.”

    Each of the services is carried out by specialists – from creating small graphics to a large-scale project.

    Let’s look at examples.


    To display a product, service, company requires a presentation. You can order a landing landing page, but there is a nuance: what is the purpose of your business?

    You are a company that manufactures / supplies goods of a certain segment. In this case, you are not profitable to do a one-page. A presentation will do.

    Our capabilities: write a sales text, develop a presentation design, prepare your business and pack it.

    Now that all the information is in the presentation, you can send it to anyone and enjoy the answers with the content: “Let’s meet and discuss! Interested! ”

    Emblem, logo, character

    Today’s business needs these three components. Something separately can be excluded, but the main value of any design is the graphic component that makes you remember the business.

    You probably use gadgets. And it will be easy for you to guess their logos among other brands.

    The magic of the logo is that it is recognizable. Even if you radically change the structure of the business, stop producing, and start selling – the version of your personal logo will remain the same, slightly modified.

    You can order a character who will guide your customers through an exciting sales funnel in our graphic design studio. To do this, leave a request and get a discount on other services. Yes, it could be!

    Separate services: why do designers do related work?

    You can order design development on our website. We will tell you how the whole work is done.

    1. First, we should get to know each other. All developers at the time of work on the project become your friends (and more often after that). We are trying to understand what you want, it is important for us to know: do you understand design. Since the task is to make you a quality product and leave a good impression about the graphic design studio. Teach you to recognize when designers demand too much and when they try to cheat.
    2. The formation of the proposal. Understanding that you need to attract customers is 30% of the business. To realize that several channels of advertising promotion will work for you – another 20%. We conclude that for, for example, the creation of a logo, we will allocate such a budget, and the creation of an emblem – a different one.
    3. It is important to formulate an offer that you will eventually enjoy.
    4. Identification of the strengths of the business. To order an individual design for a site is half the workflow. Yes, the user will notice your design, but if the product is the same as everyone else, then why should he place an order or contact you? Another thing is when the text has been emphasized enough, and the front side of your business remains. And it’s everything: in the presentation, in the corporate style, in the author’s font, in the logo that shows your superiority.
    5. The workflow begins. Ideas are coming up. The final product is outlined. The stages of design creation are formed. There are 3-4 such stages. Depending on the complexity and cost of the project.
    6. Create working options. Simple stage. Most often it is marked by an exhalation and the phrase “ready, I take off into the common channel.” At this stage, “order a business card design” ends.
    7. Showing to the customer. You accept files and we demonstrate to you all the power of our creative agency.
    8. Improvements. It also happens that the client is happy with everything right away, and we do not receive edits and further recommendations on work.

    Always bring projects to the end


    Creating a logo (super price)

    From $2000

    For your project will work all team. Project include:

    7 variants of logo;

    8 edits.

    Manager, illustrator, designer, art designer, marketer will work for your project.

    Order logo (average cost (for business))

    From $1000

    5 variants of logo design.

    6 free edits.

    Design advices in the future.

    Manager, designer and illustrator will implement your project.

    Logo development

    From $500

    2 variants of logo.

    3 edits are included in the price.

    Manager and designer will work for your project according to this tariff plan.